Dog which ate its owner could be rehomed despite pleas of his family to have it put down


    A Staffordshire bull terrier called Butch could be rehomed after eating its dead owner, even though the man’s family want the 10 year old dog to be put to sleep.

    Butch was found feeding on its dead owner three years ago, after being there for an estimated four days without any food or water. When Merseyside Police arrived, they said the pet very highly agitated and aggressive towards officers.

    Police were given an order which allowed them to have the dog put down last year. The dead man’s family are understood to have been supportive of that decision. However, animal rights’ campaigners have fought the ruling and won a review. They say that Butch was only doing what he had to to survive given that he had not eaten in days.

    Just doing what dogs do

    Kate Lee, who is a trustee of The Senior Staffy Club pointed out that Butch had been left along for four days without any food and water, and with no idea of whether anyone would come to help or feed him. She said: “He has done what dogs do and what has come naturally to him.”

    Following police seizing Butch from the home, an assessment was carried out by a dog expert from the force, which concluded that he was dangerous. However, The Senior Staffy Club said that its own expert had not found Butch to be aggressive.

    An inquest has been held into the death of Butch’s owner, but was not able to discover whether he had died as a result of being attacked by the dog, or from another cause. Butch is currently being held in police kennels and will have to stay there until the case concludes. Even if the dog is finally granted a reprieve, his future could still be uncertain as he will need to find a home.