Rescuers Find Eight Survivors from Avalanche That Buried an Italian Hotel


As Italy was struck by a series of earthquakes this past week, an avalanche had been reported to have buried up an Italian four star resort.

Rescuers have been dropping by in helicopters and others with skis in order to look for survivors amidst the hotel that was blocked by shattered tree limbs and deep snow.

Rescuers claim that they believe there could be at least 17 and up to 24 survivors buried beneath the ruins as the avalanche had struck the hotel last Wednesday.

Two children have been found and rescue amongst the overall eight survivors that were located and assisted by the rescue teams.

Hope for More

The rescue teams remain hopeful that they will locate the rest of the survivors, and as for those who have been found as of now, they were immediately taken by helicopter to receive further treatment in hospitals.

Cities nearby such as Pescara along with Aquila had been two locations that survivors were evacuated to be hospitalized in.

However officials say that none of the eight survivors are in any real life threatening or critical state.

A Digging Battle

The survivors were said to have been uncovered and located after they were buried underneath the avalanche for about 40 hours.

The Italian Rigopiano Hotel is based on the eastern areas with low altitudes of central Italy’s highest peak, Monte Gran Sasso.

An officer who has been involved in the efforts with the rescue team, Marco Bini, stated that the survivors were able to warm themselves up as they were buried underneath. “We saw smoke, there were a few small fires in the rubble, and where there is fire there is air so we started to dig,” Marco remarked after the discovery of the eight survivors.

Marco says the survivors were lucky to have been found by them in the timing that they did because they would have run out of oxygen eventually due to the fires they had lit up.