He was addicted to GHB, claims George Michael’s former lover


Wham! star George Michael was hooked on the sex drug GHB, according to his former boyfriend. Paul Stag, a male escort who dated the singer for nine years, said he regularly supplied George with GHB, also known as Liquid G.

He believes that the drug could have contributed to George’s death, at the age of 53 on Christmas Day. In an interview, he claimed: “George was mad on G. He loved it. It is 100 per cent he would have had chems on Christmas Eve before his death.” The 48 year old revealed that the Last Christmas singer would send him a text message, using the code word Champagne to indicate he wanted to meet up to have sex and take the drug.

He explained that George linked sex with drugs and his belief was that the pattern continued until his death. However, Paul said that George simply could not handle the drugs and had collapsed on a number of occasions as well as being sick. He spoke of one occasion when he threw George out of his house when he was sick on the bathroom floor.

Hundreds of times

Paul said that over nine years, George had summoned him to deliver drugs 500 times. He said they had never had sex when George was no high, and he claimed that he only agreed to take the drugs round because he knew the singer would simply ask someone else, who might not be as trustworth, if he didn’t agree to supply them.

GHB is actually a sleeping drug, which has also been involved in a number of rape cases, as it can be added to someone’s drink without them realising. Odourless and colourless, it is also linked to feelings of euphoria. However, it has led users to fall into a coma, and it is said to be very easy to overdose on the drug.


  1. Well, i know thr toxicology report will come back positive for something, then the london police will have a cause of death, rip George Michael.