Jammeh of Gambia Announces He Will Step Down After All


As the Senegalese and Nigerian army approached the border of neighboring Gambia in an attempt to force Yahya Jammeh to step down, the leader has finally announced he will be stepping down.

The pressure also came from armies of other West African nations, as Adam Barrow was democratically elected in Gambia’s elections, yet Jammeh has refused to turn over his reign of power.

Jammeh had become president of Gambia back in 1994 during a coup that had took place within the country, and he has announced on state television that he will step down.

Step Down, Or….

Jammeh didn’t really have much of a choice at this point as over 7,000 soldiers from the Nigerian and Senegalese army had entered into Gambia last Thursday.

Warplanes and tanks had also been by their side, which added further pressure on Jammeh’s limited choices.

As the armies moved towards the capital, the Gambian military did not even lift one finger against them and welcomed them.

Since Jammeh’s leadership has had an infamous reputation for murdering rival opponents to Jammeh as well as torturing several more, the oncoming armies were looked at with a sign of hope to reclaim the democracy that had been stolen from them.

Hope after 23 Years

Jammeh announced his official resignation as he was wearing a white robe and had looked rather exhausted.

In his statement, he said “I have decided today in good conscience to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation.”

Jammeh added in his statement that he urges for all of those who are both against him and with him to put that aside for now and focus on the priority at hand, which is the well-being of their great nation, Gambia.

The leader also expressed his gratitude for being able to step down without any extreme forms of bloodshed to have taken place during this ordeal.