Theresa May States She has “faith” in Trident following Failed Test


Theresa May has said in an interview with the BBC she has complete “faith” in Trident despite a failed test flight when the missile flew in the wrong direction.

Weeks before Britain’s nuclear deterrent was debated in parliament, it has become known that a test flight of the system failed.

True to form Theresa May has repeatedly and deliberately avoided answering the question of whether she knew about the misfire.

This has been met with alarm by opposition party leaders.  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “It’s a pretty catastrophic error when a missile goes in the wrong direction, and while it wasn’t armed, goodness knows what the consequences of that could have been.”

While Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister tweeted, “There of what happened, who knew what/when, and why the House of Commons wasn’t told.”

When asked if she knew about the failed test May responded, “I have absolute faith in our Trident missiles. When I made that speech in the House of Commons, what we were talking about was whether or not we should renew our Trident.”

She was asked a further three times but failed to answer the question every time.

Urgent Inquiry

Kevan Jones, former defence minister for Labour said, “The UK’s independent nuclear deterrent is a vital cornerstone for the nation’s defence.

“Ministers should come clean if there are problems and there should be an urgent inquiry into what happened.”

Given the silence up to now, it is believed that the prime minister and key government officials knew of the test flight failure but kept it from parliament ahead of the debate on Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon will be called to the Commons to answer questions from MPs.

Although the official position of the Labour Party is to support Trident renewal, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched a defence review to examine the issue.