Madonna Defends “Blowing up the White House”


International superstar singer Madonna has defended her Women’s March on Washington speech in which she declared she had thought about “blowing up the White house.”

She has said her remarks were taken out of context.

Madonna was quick to highlight that she was talking metaphorically and not literally and that the whole speech had to be taken in context to be judged.  She stated she was not a violent person.

Social Media Madness

Madonna swore three times during her speech, causing television companies to stop streaming.  On social media some people never saw the metaphorical undertone in her speech and took her literally, claiming she was irresponsible.

She said that she was angry and wanted to blow up the White House but she knew this would not change anything.

In concluding her speech Madonna was insistent that violence was not an answer and urged people to choose love.

She warned about falling into despair and quoted WH Auden in her speech.

Women’s March Dwarfs Inauguration Crowd

The New York Times reported that crowds were roughly three times bigger than the crowd who came to watch President Trump’s inauguration.  The Women’s March protest saw people marching through sixty countries and on seven continents around the globe.

In London, it is believed that 100,000 people marched in protest of comments made by the new president, holding banners reading “free Melania”, “dump Trump”, and “p*ssy grabs back.”

Madonna was not the only celebrity on the march, as a host of celebrities joined the march from television, film, and fashion.  Traditionally, celebrities are democrat supporters.

Choose Love

In many respects Madonna’s speech can be argued to be more for unity and to reject violence.  Sadly, this seems to be lost on many on social media that have taken her speech out of context and completely missed the message of the singer.