Ricky Gray Executed in Virginia


Virginia State has executed Ricky Gray, 39, last Wednesday after he admitted to committing the brutal murders of a couple as well as both of their young daughters.

Lisa Kenney, the spokeswoman for the State of Virginia’s Department of Corrections says that by 9:42 pm, Gray had officially been pronounced as dead.

The execution, which was done through lethal injection, took place at Greensville Correctional facility situated in Jarratt.

The lethal injection had consisted of three different drugs. Rocuronium Bromide, as well as Midazolam and Potassium Chloride were all mixed together for an efficient result.

No Last Words

Gray before his death had been asked for any last statements he wished to make in which he replied by saying “nope.”

The drug Midazolam served to be a controversial matter as the state of Arizona has stated that they will cease to carry out any executions with it.

The attorneys of Gray had requested that the death sentence be put on hold for the time being until they tackle the matter concerning this drug.

However, the high court refused the attorneys appeal without explanation and proceeded with the execution through just one final sentence.

Have Mercy

Multiple experts on mental health had repeatedly attempted to ask for mercy for Gray, as they stated that the man had apparently endured an extremely abusive childhood.

According to them, Gray had been raped, and harshly beaten countless times. However Gov.Terry McAuliffe made a final decision that he will not show mercy to this criminal and that the death sentence will be carried out nonetheless.

Gray’s execution makes him the second citizen in the United States to have been executed in the year of 2017. In 2006 he had carried out the murders of two young girls aged 9 and 4, and their parents Bryan Harvey and Kathryn.