Netanyahu and Trump to Discuss Several Issues


President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to hold a talk with each other, which would serve as the first conversation since Trump was sworn in.

Israel has added plans for further settlement construction, in addition to the fact as well that they had received Trump’s full support on this matter.

Israel had delayed several of their settlement plans until after Trump took office.

Meanwhile, Israeli ministers have been considering to build a big Jewish settlement that would be situated around the West Bank. If this plan were to move forward it would potentially hinder any possible two-state solution in the future.

A Call of Two Powers

Netanyahu announced during a cabinet meeting that he would be discussing several matters with U.S. President Donald Trump through a scheduled phone call.

The Prime Minister added that such issues that will be discussed include the ongoing conflict regarding the Palestinians and the Israelis, the war in Syria, and the threat that Iran poses on them.

Donald Trump has been an outspoken supporter for Israel and throughout his campaign has declared that he would recognize Jerusalem as the official capital for Israel. Such a matter would serve as a controversial case however.

Just What They Want

The hard right-wingers of the Israeli government have praised Trump’s presidency, as several see his presidency as an advantage for them to proceed in claiming the majority of the West Bank region.

Although Netanyahu has publicly stated that he is eager for a two-state solution to be put forth in the future, he has told Likud Party ministers that he strictly wants a state without Palestinians at the moment, according to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper.

As Donald Trump was sworn in as U.S. President, Israel already approved for an additional 566 settlements to be constructed, despite the restrictions imposed on them by the UN Resolution in December.