Actor John Goodman shows off his astonishing weight loss


Actor John Goodman is best known for playing Roseanne Barr’s tubby husband on the US comedy show. However, the 64 year old looked pretty much unrecognisable after vowing two years ago to turn his life around.

In 2015, John said he felt his was wasting his life and he now looks fit and healthy, having appeared on the American TV show Live with Kelly, where the results of his new regime could clearly be seen.

Looking much lighter than in years gone by, John was appearing on the chat show to talk bout his new movie Patriots Day, which is about what happened before and after the Boston Marathon bomb in 2013. He is also set to have a role in the new King Kong film.

Mediterranean diet

The actor decided enough was enough when he weighed in at 400lbs, and has now managed to lose an impressive 100lbs by following a healthy Mediterranean diet. He said that previously, he simply sat around thinking about what he was going to eat for his next meal, and he wanted to live his life better.

However, he hasn’t done it alone. John brought in health guru Mackie Shilstone, who also coaches tennis star Serena Williams, and stopped drinking alcohol as well as cutting out sugar from his diet. He also works out six times a week, saying that while he breaks a sweat, he doesn’t do anything too strenuous.

He plays Randa, a government official in King Kong: Skull Island, which is about a team of explorers and soldiers brought together in the Seventies to head to a previously unchartered island in the Pacific Ocean. John’s character is in charge of leading the expedition. He certainly wouldn’t have looked fit enough to lead an expedition at his heaviest. However, he has joked that he may well have gained weight again in a few months’ time.


  1. I call Bulls**t on the Mediteratian Diet part. I think he has a marketing contract to say that. I think he had surgery. As a bariatric surgery patient myself, I speak first hand. Guys his age, like me, can’t just change life this radical. Just my opinion