Man 50 Arrested over Alleged Racist Abuse of Gina Miller Claims


A man who has not been named has been arrested on suspicion of sending Remain Champion Gina Miller racist abuse.

The man, 50, was arrested in a police raid in one of London’s most affluent areas.  It is understood that he is being held on suspicion of racially aggravated malicious communications.

Once he was arrested in the raid which is believed to have contained officers from Scotland Yards’ Operation Falcon cyber crime unit, he was detained a central London police station.

Eight others were also handed cease and desist notices and say they may face prosecution if they continue with abuse.

Gina Miller

Gina Miller, 51, has been the driving force behind the campaign to bring the Brexit decision before a vote in parliament.  The government mounted a legal challenge to the original ruling that was given, but this was thrown out on Tuesday.

She revealed that she has spent thousands of pounds on personal security since mounting the challenge.

On hearing the government had been defeated, she said, “Only Parliament can grant rights to the British people and only Parliament can take them away.  No Prime Minister, no Government, can expect to be unanswerable or unchallenged. Parliament alone is sovereign.

“This ruling means that MPs we have elected will rightfully have the opportunity to bring their invaluable experience and expertise to bear in helping the Government select the best course in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations – negotiations that will frame our place in the world and all our destinies to come.”

A police spokesman speaking about the arrested man said that the threats were made in connection with a complaint levelled at a 51-year-old woman on November 6th.  A second unrelated comment is believed to have been made in August 2016.

Mrs Miller is a millionaire businesswoman and says she felt compelled to act following the Brexit vote.