Man Gets His Ear Bitten Off by Roommate Following a Trump Argument


Authorities in Pittsburgh have stated that a man named Salatiel Marcos Ortiz, 30, was attacked by his roommate and a huge chunk of his ear had been bitten off.

The altercation had apparently resulted after both flat mates had argued about U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to Ortiz, he had went home last Monday which is situated in the East Liberty area, and his roommate had confronted him the moment he entered home.

The roommate had apparently been aggressive after drinking beer and watching Donald Trump on the television.

Within moments the roommate violently attacked Ortiz, broke his finger, and bit off a piece of his ear.

From Trump to Ear Off

Ortiz’s roommate’s identity has not been disclosed to the public, and was said to have lunged towards Ortiz after an argument about President Trump.

Ortiz had his finger broken and a huge piece of his ear bitten off as a result.

After that, Ortiz’s roommate then threatened to kill him with a knife, in which Ortiz escaped the house and requested for help at the nearest gas station.

Ortiz says that whenever his roommate is under the influence of alcohol, he just switches and goes crazy.

“All he would say is if Donald Trump gonna take me out I gotta kill so many people,” Ortiz says, adding that his roommate claims he would feel happier if someone killed him.

Identity Not Given

Emily Schaffer, a spokeswoman for the authorities stated that she is unable to determine whether or not Ortiz was a supporter of Trump or not.

The missing piece of Ortiz’s ear was found in his apartment and the authorities have said that he was transferred to the Presbyterian hospital and that his condition is stable.

Although the roommate’s identity is known to the authorities, the have refused to disclose it and are currently under way in searching for him.