British Prime Minister under Pressure not to Accept Trump’s Torture Comment


British Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure not to accept Donald Trump’s torture comments and state that the British Government’s position is that torture is unacceptable.

MPs from all parties including high profile Conservatives want her to take a line that any return to controversial torture techniques could damage intelligence cooperation between the two countries.

One Scottish MP, Angus Robertson said it was not good enough for May to shrug off the comments about torture in a two-day charm offensive.

He said that having a special relationship with a country that involves torture is unacceptable.

MPs Speak out

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted,  “@theresa_may when you meet @realDonaldTrump, you must put our values, not America first.  Say no to Waterboarding. It’s torture”

This prompted several other high-profile MPs to start tweeting in a similar vein.  It is understood that May will be keen to discuss trade predominantly with Donald Trump.  She said she would say to the President of America that they can lead on a global stage.

One anti-torture tweet from Sarah Wollaston MP, an MP from May’s own party, said, “You cannot lead on a global stage by advocating torture, disgusting racial stereotyping & turning back the clock on women’s rights worldwide”

Others in her party have asked her to make it clear that Britain will not be dragged into facilitating torture as it was after 9/11.

May has given assurances to her party that the official position would be that Britain does not sanction torture.  This has been echoed by senior cabinet members including David Davis and Boris Johnson.

There is no indication that she will raise the issue with Donald Trump.

Other MPs talked about the delicate situation that on the one hand you want to bring about a good trade deal, but also not to condone actions which are simply wrong.

Theresa May and Donald Trump are expected to meet soon.