Oh dear! Trump’s team spells British Prime Minister’s name wrong THREE times


They have both said they are keen for Britain and America to forge a special relationship in the years to come. However, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s trip to Washington DC did not exactly get off to the best start when President Trump’s team managed to spell her name wrongly three times in a press release.

In President Trump’s daily schedule, issued by his press team, it said that he was getting ready to meet Teresa May in Washington. Then, it went on that he would be taking part in a bilateral meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minister, Teresa May, again missing the ‘h’ out of her name. The mistake continued further on with details of a luncheon engagement with Mrs May.

Teresa May without an ‘h’ is actually a US soft port actress who starred in The Prodigy’s music video for their track Smack My Bitch Up. However, the gaffe was corrected later when the Office of the Vice President issued guidance information for media.

Further mistakes

However, Mrs May is not alone in suffering a mistake. Another White House document sent out talked about a call with Australian Foreign Prime Minister Julie Bishop. Ms Bishop is actually Australia’s foreign minister, and Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister.


It is unlikely that Mrs May will bring up the mistake, given that she and Mr Trump are keen to develop a good working relationship, which is of benefit to both countries. Wearing an orange red skirt suit, which almost matched President Trump’s tie, Mrs May has been photographed shaking hands with the president.

She is the first world leader to meet the new president following his inauguration. The main focus of their face to face talks is understood to be a potential trade deal between the UK and the US once Britain officially leaves the EU.