Six Shot While Attending a Memorial for Victim of Gun Violence


Authorities have stated that last Wednesday at Chicago’s South Side six people had been shot during a memorial that had taken place for another victim that had also died as a result of gun violence.

A 12 year old girl was amongst the six people that were shot and the entire incident is said to have taken place around 8:16 pm.

The memorial was situated on East 75th Street on block numbered 500, according to the police.

Jedidiah Brown, an activist from the community claims that those who carried out the shooting had entered through an alleyway before they proceeded to shoot at those mourning.

Adding to the Mourning

According to Brown, the mother of the victim in which the memorial was created for had also been shot. However, the authorities have yet to confirm that statement.

The 12 year old girl that was shot had been grazed in the head and was then hospitalized at the Comer Children’s Hospital, according to the police.

The young girl’s condition is said to be at a stable one. Meanwhile a 20 and 43 year old who were shot are both said to be in a stable condition as well.

A 17 year old boy is also in stable condition, and a 16 year and 20 year old however have been stated to both be in a severe state at the hospital.

An Alternative

Brown made a statement in which he requested from those who seek to retaliate out of revenge on this matter to withdraw from such a state of mind.

Brown added that they should “look for peaceful alternatives.”

An investigation has been launched by the authorities and at the moment no suspects have yet been arrested.

The police closed off the block near the scene of the crime and residents of the area as well as eye witnesses hung around the perimeter.