Flu Outbreak at Cambridge Hospital Results in Closure of Two Wards


Reports have stated that an outbreak of the flu at the hospital of Cambridge has forced the closure of at least two wards for the time being.

About 60 patients were reported to have been affected and are physically ill as a result of this outbreak.

People have been told to keep away from the facility until the matter returns to a normal and safe zone again for them, as the facility is quite limited in assisting patients at the moment.

A spokesman for the Cambridge University Hospitals has announced that the cases for the flu outbreak are quite high, and added that department for emergencies are currently on full capacity.

Perfect Place for a Flu

The spokesperson says that at least three additional wards have also been reported to have been affected by this matter.

The statement went on to warn anyone from entering the facility to not bring their children with them at the moment, and to try as much as possible in keeping their visits to a bare minimum.

The influenza surfaces far more during times of winter and is quite contagious as a simple sneeze or a cough is enough to serve as a catalyst for a whole section or ward in this case to be affected in no time.

Waiting It Out

Although several patients may receive a vaccine for the flue free of charge through the NHS, the problem lies within when it is a viral infection, antibiotics cannot assist in the matter and prove to be of no avail to it.

A statement has been released in which it urged anyone feeling slightly suspicious of undergoing any minor or heavy symptoms of the flu, to immediately get back to their GP about it and wait no more.

Among other alternatives included getting back to a local pharmacist, or contacting 111, which is the medical helpline of the NHS.