Oscar Nominated Asghar Farhadi Unable to Attend Oscars After Trump’s Muslim Ban


Director of the movie ‘The Salesman’, Asghar Farhadi was nominated for an Oscar, but at the moment is unable to be present at the 2017 Academy Awards which is set to take place next month.

The reason is due to U.S. President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims from seven specific countries that went into effect a few days ago.

The ban not only includes Muslims from seven nations, including an indefinite ban for Syrians until progress has been shown in the war torn nation.

It also includes a ban for 90 days on those who hold U.S. visas from countries such as Somalia, Iran, Iraq, and others.

Unclaimed Award

Farhadi, himself a citizen from Iran, has previously earned an Oscar due to his movie of ‘A Seperation’ which earned an award and recognition for the category of Best Foreign Language movie back in 2012.

At the moment he was nominated for another Oscar for his recent film of ‘The Salesman’ but under the new restrictions imposed by President Trump, cannot attend the event.

Several Banned from Entering

Several people have been detained and interrogated at U.S. airports, including those who hold green cards or U.S. visas.

Farhadi serves as just one in scores of those who are barred from entering United States soil, with several protesting at airports after being prevented from entering and others being told to return to their point of origin.

President Trump’s signing of the executive order is said to prevent potential radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country, but several have already filed lawsuits, with some stating that such a move is actually considered to be illegal.

Just recently Google urged their employees that had been travelling abroad to return immediately as soon as the ban was implemented, as more than a hundred of their employees had been affected and were said to be unable to reenter the country.