London on High Alert for Air Pollution


The BBC has reported that the city of London has been declared on high alert for toxic air pollution. A wave of air pollutants were said to have blown across from Germany.

Due to the toxic pollutants released from the industrial regions within Germany, eight different regions in London had been under ‘red alert’ for air pollution.

Such places that were issued the red alert included Wimbledon as well as Kingston. Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, wrote on social media that London is currently on an extremely high alert regarding toxic air pollution, adding that it was a shameful situation.

Helping In Any Way

The Mayor of London has suggested to those presiding within London to resort to public transport for the time being and requested for drivers to switch off their car engines if they make stops that exceed one minute.

Such suggestions were called for due to the highly sensitive matter of the current blanket of toxic air London is going through.

One resident from the district of Wimbledon, Metin Gneckurt, remarked on the matter by saying that he already has asthma and has felt the immediate effects of the air pollutants. “It’s shocking how many people are being affected by this,” Gneckurt said.

All Fun Cancelled

Due to the red alert that was issued, several outdoor activities were either cancelled or drastically reduced for young children who attend a primary school situated in Westminster called the Sir John’s Cass’s Foundations.

Other institutes have also called for a similar demand due to the air pollution. Pupils have been urged to put on hold any physical exercise they wish to indulge in if they had shown any signs of feeling uneasy or unwell due to the air pollution.

According to the main monitoring system of London, it revealed that within just the first five days into the year of 2017, London had already exceeded the limit set for air pollution.