Madeleine McCann’s Parents Lose Libel Appeal


The parents of Madeleine McCann have lost their libel appeal over ex – police chief Goncalo Amaral’s book which claimed they covered up their daughter’s death.  The judgement came from Portugal’s highest court.

The hearing took place in private at Portugal’s Supreme Court.  The hearing followed an earlier court hearing last year which overturned the McCann’s initial libel win in 2015.

Officially no public decision will be made until later on in the week, but a source according to the Daily Mail newspaper has said the decision did not go the way of the McCanns.

The decision is final in Portugal but the McCann’s can take the fight to the European Court of Human Rights if they want to overturn the decision.

“The Truth of the Lie”

Goncalo Amaral after losing the first libel case was ordered to pay the McCanns £500,000 in damages.  This was overturned following an appeal and upheld according to sources on Tuesday.

Amaral published a book entitled the “The Truth of the Lie” in 2008.  He claimed they covered up the disappearance of their daughter.  He investigated the original crime in which their three year old daughter went missing in Portugal’s Algarve in 2003.

He was removed from the case after criticising British detectives handling of the investigation.

Speaking ahead of the case the source claimed, “The Supreme Court judges can either confirm the first court’s decision that ruled in the McCanns’ favour or the Lisbon appeal court judgement that went in Goncalo Amaral’s favour.

“The ruling itself will take at least four or five days to come out officially but it’s possible there’ll be some unofficial guidance by the end of the day on what the ruling is.”

By all accounts, the McCanns have lost the case.

Amaral insists he based his information on case files which were already made public.