Smart meters create £5bn worth of jobs says national statistics agency

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Smart Meters are creating thousands of jobs in the UK, according to the national statistics agency. Smart Meters are a mandated National rollout in the UK, to replace old antiquated dumb meters to more sophisticated smart meters. Communicating the energy usage back to suppliers, avoiding the need for manual reads.

Whilst most would say, does this not put meter readers out of a job, the simple answer to this is No. Not every person in the UK will opt in for a smart meter, therefore meaning that there will be a demand for meter readers in the future.

There are several suppliers also offering dual fuel diploma courses to meter readers, as there is a natural progression to be had as they know the meters inside out.

The national statistics agency, quote that as many as 2 million jobs will be created off the back of the smart meter rollout, with a further 3 million to follow in the years post smart meter rollout.

This will be to support the smart rollout infrastructure and maintenance of the smart meters and their subsequent IT requirements.

The news that £5bn worth of jobs will be created, with as many as 50,000 smart meter accredited engineers in the UK’s economy will be welcome news with talks of post brexit concerns.

Smart meter courses will be made available and are already in transit across the country, with as many as 2,000 engineers being trained per week. The dual fuel accreditation will allow the UK’s workforce to have an accreditation that will be supported into the foreseeable future. Meaning job security and income for families in the UK.

The smart rollout is the biggest infrastructure revamp in UK’s history, meaning there will be a lot of jobs for people across the UK for years to come.