iPhone 8 Vs iPhone X, what really makes the difference?


If you’re wondering what iPhone 8 and iPhone X have that are different from each other, there are several attributes that need to be considered.

Of course what you’d notice at the first glance is the design difference of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, industrial design, to be specific. These phones have eye grabbing glass backs but their hardiness is subject to contention. As a celebratory release for Apple Inc turning 10, iPhone X has distinct features that branches away from prior to this released iPhones models.

The exciting stuff is mostly reserved to iPhone X as opposed to iPhone 8, having a ‘right in your face’ phone design that is outstanding. Despite it’s leak, iPhone X still manages to capture your fancy as an iPhone that deviates from the conventional iPhone design. Though, it’s not revolutionary on its own (which marks Apple’s lack in creative design) as the screen stretch up to the edges is something Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30 share.

The cameras on both iPhone 8 and iPhone X mirror each other. iPhone X’s front facing camera is worth mentioning as it is able to render the Portrait Mode effect on both sides. iPhone 8 has the same old 12MP sensor while iPhone X has OIS on the 12MP sensor and the extra sensor seen in iPhone 8 Plus.

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone X are water resistant as it is the case of Apple’s new iPhones. The circular button (the Home Button) not to mention Touch ID fingerprint sensor have lost their use in iPhone X as Face ID gains its use, unlocking the phone by the virtue of your face, as in facial features. In fact, the whole works of iPhone X revolve around Face ID – if that feature is busted, your iPhone X is done for. iPhone 8 retains its Touch ID.

iPhone 8 is more delicate and is obviously priced less than iPhone X. In an encapsulation, iPhone X wins in the design department and new tech incorporation and iPhone 8 is within the Apple comfort zone.

The iPhone 8 starts £/$699 for the smaller model for 64GB and £/$849 for the 256GB model and the iPhone X starts at £/$999.