Apple Watch series 3 features you cannot ignore


Apple Watch series 3 features you cannot ignore

Apple has always maintained to bring something incredible and versatile into its all gadgets and wearable. Are you crazy about smartwatches? But wait! This smartwatch is not devised to tell you time only like traditional ones, it comes with a whole new range of well-blended features. You must consider buying Apple watch series 3.

Is connectivity your priority?

If you are someone, who loves to stay connected and in touch, you are going to simply love this amazing wearable by Apple. Today, in this world, where technology has entirely revolutionized our lives and everything is happening so fast, you cannot afford to stay disconnected and out of touch. The flow of information from one device to another must never be stopped, for this Apple has devised some best of the best gadgets.

Let’s get started

Let’s have a look at some of the top-notch features of Apple watch series 3


Are you a fan of Apple smartwatches existing collection? If yes, then you are surely going to love this one.

  • Because this series almost shares the same design features with the previous watches of series.
  • The novelty which is introduced in this feature is the difference in a digital crown.
  • Apple watch series 3 has a glossy red dot in the crown which looks pretty cool and shows the LTE connectivity capability.

Curvy rectangular retina for convenient text reading

Retina display comes with rectangular curvy corners. Apple has thoughtfully designed it this way, so reading text like emails or news headlines will be easy for the users.

Heart rate monitoring capability

The underside of this watch is convex which has the efficiency and technology to keep an eye on heart rate. Yes, the watch is capable of monitoring your heart rate as it stays pressed to your skin.

Water resistance

Apple has made sure to bring you a high-quality gadget with reliable performance. Watch series 3 comes with improved water resistant quality which is valid up to a depth of 50 meters underwater. So you are good to go for a swim and surfing with your Apple watch on your wrist.

Customizable casing with straps

Apple knows how to make its customers adore the gadgets. Yes, this Apple Watch series 3 comes in a beautiful metallic casing of 3 types. You can customize it according to your taste with a strap of your choice as well.


The most talked about feature of this Apple watch series 3 is the latest connectivity option, which makes it LTE connected. Now you have no need to carry your iPhone all the time when you have this Apple smartwatch on your wrist.

It allows you to send a text message, use Maps for navigation, you can make a call and so much more just without your iPhone if you have this watch.


Apple watch 3 provides you with really cutting edge performance being just a smartwatch. The Siri Watch face feature is simply the game changer. With advanced health monitoring features, new sensors and barometric altimeter Apple watch series 3 has made sure to perform beyond your expectations. Above all, this superb wearable watch comes with a reliable battery life of up to 18 hours if you charge it once completed.

So, this was our brief overview of some best of the best features of Apple watch series 3. If you have been waiting for long to get your hands on this amazing and cool gadget, we suggest you this is the right moment too but it. Good luck Recoder Daily 🙂