Samsung Galaxy J6 Specs Leaked


Leaked specs of Samsung Galaxy J6 you should know about…

Samsung has been constantly gearing up its technology to take over the Android market with its superb gadgets and a wide range of smartphones. Samsung’s top-notch premium line phones include Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7 and S7 edge but of course, they cost you quite an amount to buy.

Why do Samsung Galaxy J series sell like hot buns?

But Samsung has always been catering to your needs according to your budget options. That’s why Samsung has left no stone unturned to bring you the best affordable smartphones with a blend of brilliant features. Yes, we are talking about the most popular J series smartphones released by Samsung. If you are looking for a mid-range smartphone with all incredible features, Samsung J series should be your right choice.

Some guesses about soon to be launched the great Samsung Galaxy J6

This J line of smartphones has offered most popular phones like Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3, J5 and J7. But, Samsung is all set to extend this range by revealing Samsung J6 and this has created quite a buzz in Android market. Everyone is desperate to be the first who knows all the features and specs of this new surprise by Samsung as J6. So, here we have managed to fetch out some details of this brand new upcoming Samsung J6 phone. Read on below to know more.

Let’s get started with features of J6 as revealed by FCC

We found out that FCC has recently cleared a smartphone by Samsung model number SM-J6005. And for those, who are in this android market, it’s really not hard to guess, this model would be the Galaxy J6 by Samsung.

Expected display features of Samsung J6

According to revelations of FCC, we can expect this upcoming model to be manufactured with an 18:5:9 displays and this is just in line according to the recent trends of the industry. According to the FCC listings, we can expect the screen measurements to be 5.6-inches. Just like other Samsung high-end smartphones, the screen is going to be an infinity display but not so tall.

SIM card options

As per the FCC listings, we are expecting Samsung J6 to come with dual-SIM support feature.

Supported accessories of J6

Reportedly, for the accessory support, Samsung is going to facilitate you with a micro USB cable, 1 amp standard charger and the usual 3.5mm headset.

Something about specs of J6

Yes, we were successful to get our hands on some leaked secret information revealing the specs of this incredible J6 phone.

  • Here, we share them with you. Expectedly, J6 is going to be powered by Exynos 7870 SoC. Furthermore, this octa-core SoC is going to be clocked at 1.6GHz with Cortex-A-53 CPU and best of all 3GB of RAM.
  • According to some reliable sources, in single-core testing, Samsung J6 achieved 726 score. And when it comes to multi-core performance, J6 earned 3643 score points.
  • As far as we have been able to know, the expected camera specifications are most likely to come from Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.

Some hints about the release date and expected pricing of J6

At the moment, nothing is certain about the price range of Samsung J6. But our curiosity has earned us some important guesses. According to our sources, J6 will come with a price tag of about €300 or something close to that. And we are expecting the great official launch expectedly in May or most probably in June 2018.

In the end, that’s all for this guesswork roundup of Samsung J6 which is soon to be launched. Till then, we suggest you keep your savings well preserved until J6 hits the market. J