Sean Hannity unmasked as the mystery client of Trump’s Lawyer


Sean Hannity unmasked as the mystery client of Trump’s Lawyer

Sean Hannity is one of the most famous American talk show hosts that commonly talk about the political issues of the USA. He is known for his amazing show The Sean Hannity Show as well as the way he talks about the common issues related to politics is amazing. It is not only the show that grabbed the attention of the public but also the news about his connections with the lawyer of President Trump. No doubt that famous people have connections somehow but such types of connections are often surprising for the nation.

Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen

In a recent case, the judges ruled out that the personal attorney of Trump has to reveal all his links with Sean Hannity. There has a been an FBI raid on the house of the Trump’s lawyer after the orders from the court. The surprising part is that Mr. Hannity called this raid the anti-Trump witch hunt that has raised several questions.

As a talk show host related to politics Sean Hannity should not be biased. However, it seems like from the comments that he has made that there are some favorites of the host. However, Sean Hannity denied that he was associated with Cohen.

  • Even in his talk shows it has been noticed that he has always defended president Trump
  • Most of the people have been saying since the beginning that he has ties with the president but he never faced such kind of legal allegations. Now it seems like most of the people were true that he has some kind of beneficial connections with the president that are not clear yet.
  • Even the management team of the FOX news was surprised after hearing that Sean Hannity has some kind of informal ties with the lawyer of Trump.
  • The team said that they have reviewed on the matter as well as the authorities have spoken to Sean and it seems like he still has the complete support of the channel.

What was the case about

Most of the people want to know that why the house of Mr. Cohen was raided in the first place. It was about the senior actress Stormy Daniels. It has been found that Trump has some personal affair with the actress and she has been rewarded with a decent amount of hush money to assure that she will not speak anything about the affair.

However, the lawyer was trying to protect the president and the actress due to which his house was raided. There the authorities found evidence on various matters as well as they found some data related to $130,000 paid to the actress that made it clear that she has an affair with the president.

Mr. Cohen is trying to assure that the court will not check the data that has been collected from his house. Only by checking the data they will find that what the authorities have been hiding and are there any relations between Sean Hannity and Mr. Cohen.