Samsung S9 Features you don’t want to miss


Features of Samsung Galaxy s9 that would make you buy it

While most people are talking about Samsung’s latest release, the Samsung S9 in a good manner, some of them still don’t get the idea and the specification details. This is because there have a number of articles on how Samsun Galaxy S9 is a success in the history of Android phones but very few are actually talking about its features that impress the masses. S9 is also said to be similar to the S8 or S8 plus because of the familiar appearance, however, apart from that, the S9 has some extraordinarily remarkable features that make one of the best of Samsung’s release.


Also, the appearance might seem to be similar to that of S8 but if looked closely, the desktop and the external features have been changed and replaced for the user’s convenience which is proving to be a good idea by Samsung. Below are mentioned some of the exceptional features of S9 that would not only make you but also cheer for it in the local and international market.

  1. External Features:

The external of Samsung S9 has been replaced to add to the user’s comfort, including:

  • There are two stereo speakers out of which one is located at the bottom and one on the upper side which is said to be 4X faster than the S8.
  • The volume button has also changed its place to make it easy for the user to press it with convenience.
  • The fingerprint sensor is also replaced on the side of the phone because of being continuously touched upon holding the phone.
  1. Slow-motion:

The super slow-motion option in the Samsung S9’s camera allows you to not only record videos in slow motion but can also be swung back and forth. Also, this feature can be operated manually as well as automatically depending on the personal preference. From balloon popping to jumping high, the camera records so well that it amazes the user.

  1. AR Emoji:

The AR Emoji is the most talked about feature of Samsung S9 in which the mobile screen senses your face expression and turn it into a customized Emoji. This is the best option that can be used for social media applications.

  1. Aperture camera:

The aperture camera is what’s most loved by the Samsung S9 users. The dual lens located at the behind of the phone allows you to take wider pictures with a great quality. The aperture allows you to click some great pictures even in the low light which most android phones fail to do so.

  1. Intelligent scan:

The intelligent scan introduced by Samsung S9 is the one that features both face and Iris scan if the user prefers to use it. If either of the options fails to work then there is no need to manually switch to the other because the phone automatically selects the other option to unlock the phone.

These Samsung S9 features have been able to massively impress the regular and new Samsung users. The specifications that have been altered considering the flaws in the previous phones are highly commendable and useful for the user’s convenience.