Tesla battery production is in crisis, the company needs a hero


Tesla battery production is in crisis, the company needs a hero

Tesla Technology is rapidly advancing and every day something interesting and mind-blowing is introduced in the market. Most of the time we wonder that where this technology is taking us. There are several high-tech companies that are working on the latest technological products but only a few have been able to launch their products in the market can grab the attention of the customers.


Tesla is one of the rapidly advancing companies that has been able to give a new dram to the technologists. The company has been able to accelerate the transition of the world towards sustainable energy. With the integrated energy solutions the company has been able to introduce the latest, safest and quickest cars on the road that runs with electricity.

The make mission of the company is to use the clean energy with such perfection that harmful impact of energy consuming products on the environment will be reduced. They have successfully introduced many home automation systems and electric cars. However, it seems like the company is going into a little crisis because of their latest introduction.

Model 3 by Tesla

Model 3 is the latest electrical sedan introduced by Tesla with the mission to assure that utilization of diesel and petrol consuming products will be reduced on the roads. It has been developed with the latest technology. There are many interesting features introduced in the vehicle like eco-friendly drive. The Model 3 can produce up to 221 horsepower that will take you to a maximum speed of 141 mph.

The design and quality of the vehicle are long-lasting. However, most of the customers have complained about the battery issues. They think that Model 3 could have been more powerful if there have been more batteries in the vehicle.

The battery is causing some real issues

When the Model 3 was introduced in the market most of the customers expected it to be a more powerful car that will provide them with the best performance. However, the vehicle was not as powerful as expected.

  • There were not enough batteries to provide the maximum speed and race to the vehicle
  • When the customers complained about the issue the experts from the company were not able to answer them
  • Some of the employees revealed afterwards that there were some issues in the design of the product due to which it was not possible to introduce more batteries into the vehicle.

Would they need a partner

It seems like the company needs are the partner that could help them in the development of more efficient batteries that would be small in size. The only way they can increase the speed and power of their car is by introducing small batteries that will have more power as compared to the batteries that they are already using. The technologists of the company are working on the project but it seems like it might take some time for them to introduce a better version of the electric vehicle.