Why iPhone X Face ID failed

iPhone X

Over the past few years, there have been many security issues with the smartphone. Most of the people complained that the fingerprint lock system was not reliable because anyone was able to access their phone when they were sleeping. This the reason most of the customers requested Apple to introduce a better security feature that will allow only the user of the phone to get past the lock system.

Apple took this matter very seriously and in order to assure that they will provide the best services to the customers and so they introduced the Face ID in their iPhone X. However, in the inauguration ceremony of the iPhone X Face ID the system failed and here are some of the reasons why.

Face features and expression

With a single change in expression, our features will change. The appearance of our eyebrows will be different when we are smiling and it will change when we are angry. This is the reason that when the people tried to use the Face ID they forget in which expression they locked their phone. Only because of the slight change in expression they were unable to access the phone next time because it rejected their face. It is a serious problem Apple is working on.

Makeup was an issue

One of the biggest issues that many ladies are dealing with when it comes to iPhone X Face ID is the makeup.

  • If you have used your clean face as the ID, the phone will not detect it while you are wearing makeup
  • In case that you were wearing makeup while using the iPhone X Face ID there are chances that every time you will change the makeup the phone will not detect your face
  • Those girls who wear the same style of makeup every day were satisfied but also said that slight change in the eyeliner made it difficult for them to open the iPhone.

Beard or no beard

You might be thinking that boys will have no issues with the iPhone X Face ID because they do not wear makeup well you are wrong. The reason is that with the growth of facial hair the appearance of face change and so the face detection becomes tough. The boys without beard have to keep their face clean and even a few hairs are not acceptable. In the same way, those with a beard have to assure that the length and style of their beard remain same if they have to use the iPhone X Face ID.

It seems like Apple has been able to introduce the high tech security system that is not perfect for the common use. It is important that they lower the security a little bit because that is the only way people can properly use their latest phone with all the amazing features that it has. The company is working to improve these errors and assure that in the next software upgrade customers will get efficient results.