Theresa May revealed that she did know about deportation targets

Theresa May

The Brexit has been the most talked about issue in the UK and US ever since it started in June 2016. The US exit from the EU has started some serious debates related to the issue in which the immigrant’s rights and deportation have been the one that is still unsolved to date. Theresa May, the prime minister of the UK has been found involved in some serious allegations and charges for the statements that she had made and the decisions she had taken for the US immigrants in the UK. This has started a dispute between the parties, one that is supporting Therese May and the other that is on the other side supporting the immigrants.

The issue of the legal and illegal immigrants staying in the UK for continuing with their jobs and businesses is still unresolved with the majority claiming it to be as an unfair decision in the immigrant’s favor. This has started to create a severe rift among the parliament members who have different opinions on the same matter.

What are deportation targets?

Deportation target is basically an estimated amount of the illegal immigrants reported by Theresa May and her sources. The approximate figure is around 12,000 which include the US illegal immigrants who have been working in the UK since quite a lot of the time, either through job or business. Brexit is a decision of the higher authorities in the US government but is affecting the US citizen big time in terms of financial losses and assets that they have gathered in the past few years. This is the reason why it is becoming a cause of the rift in the Brexit talks and has become an issue that has become the talk of the town all for the negative reasons.

Theresa May’s acceptance

Just after a parliament member claimed Theresa May to be unaware of the deportation targets, hours after it she landed on the media claiming it to be untrue and that she was totally aware of the deportation targets. This is the reason as to why she is being questioned for the immigrant’s figure that claims 12,000 US immigrants to be illegal and their need to leave the UK despite their jobs and businesses settled in the country.

One of the other reasons for accusations made on Theresa May is that this figure is not correct as it is involving the legal immigrants as well because the illegal ones are not in that of a big quantity. This means that the legal immigrants will also have to suffer due to this and this is unfair on their part as they have made every possible effort to stay in the UK for settling there.

The debate

Apart from the false figures of the illegal US immigrants in the UK, Theresa May has been questioned for the deportation targets and her information regarding the same as most people earlier believed her to be unaware of it. This is the reason for the internal opposition in the Brexit talks which is yet to take a middle way to solve the issue.