Phil knight states that PERS could sink the entire nation

Phil Knight

Phil Knight is the CEO of Nike and he has been working hard to provide his customers with the best services. However, recently, it seems like he has been taking interest in the public affairs and what has been happening around the town.

You will be surprised to know that since the beginning did not give many interviews and he was used to keeping his ideas a secret. Most of the people have been surprised when he appeared in a recent interview that he gave to Oregon Transformation Newsletter.

It is one of the rare interviews of Phil knight that you will find. However, the most surprising part is the fact that in some of the things he has appreciated the actions taken by Donald Trump over the past few months. Most of the people have been shocked by the knowledge he posses about the politics and the country affairs. In the recent interview, he clearly stated that there are some actions that might lead the state to sink and PERS is one of them.

TPP bill was not worth it

Phil Knight said in his interview that TPP bill was one of the best things that were planned for the presidency of Obama. However, the government was not able to manage the progress properly and this is the reason Trump took the right action when he canceled the bill. Most of the people went against Trump because they did not notice the damage that could have happened in the country kept on investing in the bill. This is one of the biggest reasons that Phil Knight gave no negative reactions when the bill was canceled because he said it was to be killed.

Unfunded liability

One of the most important things that Phil knight talked about was the unfunded liability of the workers.

  1. He clearly stated that most of the workers are covered by the $22 million liability in which all the services are covered.
  2. He said that it is not enough to cover most of the services of the workers and this is the reason that they do not get the protection and services that they need.
  3. Phil Knight said that this is one of the biggest reasons that the country might sink because the required protection and services are not provided.

3rd-century solutions

It seems like Phil knight with some of the other major personalities in the US are planning to save the world. They are planning to start a donation program to assure that the workers will get the desired protection. In the same way, they are planning to work on many other major projects that will provide them the chance to improve the overall condition of the States.

It is not clear that where these services will take the US. However, there are chances that will help in the improvement of the overall condition because that is the best way they can protect the state from sinking.