Smart meters saving 300,000 households from gas leaks

    smart meters

    Technology is created to make lives simpler and convenient. It helps a lot in reducing human efforts and also beats human brain when it comes to keeping a track of things that were earlier impossible to do.

    Energy consumption is something that should be recorded and have a check and balance on to avoid damages in the house that might also be life-threatening. Gas leakage had been a very common household issue in the past few years that has been solved with the help of technology. Earlier, the gas meters used to be manual because of which it was difficult to note down the reading to make an idea of its consumption per month.

    However, smart meters have been introduced lately which are helping a lot in keeping a written record of the energy consumption especially gas meters. According to a recent study, around 300,000 households have been saved from gas leaks with the help of the smart meters which not only tell the gas consumption but also indicate the leakage taking place in the house.

    What are smart meters?

    Smart meters are a smart invention for allowing the people living in the house to have an exact idea of the energy consumption made on a daily basis. It shows a precise reading of the gas usage which allows the consumer to make an adjustment in it to balance the monthly bill. The gas meters are automatic and do not need a specific maintenance except for the services that it requires to effectively operate. This way, it has become easier for consumers to also get indicated for the gas leakage that is happening in the house which can cause great damage to life and the house as well.

    What is the need of the smart meters?

    In earlier times when everything was manual and human life was dependent on just instincts and assumption, conventional gas meters were of no help when it came to taking the exact reading of the energy consumption or getting informed about the leakage. This caused great damages to the lives as well the property which often resulted in a fire or harmful diseases such as breathing problems. Therefore, smart meters were invented to provide convenience the energy consumers and also help in maintaining a check and balance on the leakage, if there is any.

    Benefits of smart meters

    The smart meters have yet proved to be extremely helpful and facilitating in terms of making lives easier and safer. Here are some of the benefits of installing smart meters in your homes or industries:

    1. Smart meters are easy to install and operate which can be done with least technical knowledge.
    2. They help in reducing the monthly energy bills by keeping a track of the daily consumption.
    3. They are environment-friendly.
    4. They help in saving up to 354kWh of energy per year.
    5. They are connected to a wireless network so there is no need for the WIFI for its working.

    Utilizing the latest technology that helps in decreasing casualties and other damages is a smart move and smart meters are just the right example of it.