Buvac of Liverpool F.C. set to join Arsenal F.C


This past month has been astonishing with some unbelievable happenings in the football world. Champions League coming to its end with some teams that people never expected too. Roma playing like they have never done before was amazing too.  Barcelona winning the Laliga and Copa Del ray easily was a great news for them but their shocking exit from UCL quarter finals after losing from Roma was a shock they felt so badly.

From Fans singing Mohammed Salah songs to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bicycle kick goals it has been all amazing.

We are close to the Final of champions League and a big news is coming up from Football Club Liverpool and Football Club Arsenal. Zeljko Buvac who is the assistant of the Liverpool club is set to end his stint with Liverpool and join FC Arsenal as a manager.

History of  Buvac:

He is the coach of Bosnia and he has been with the manager of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp as an assistant from 2011.

They have been together since a long time. They don’t only have a relation of working together but they have played together too in 1990 for the German club Mainz O5 as players. They started working with each other in 2001 for the same club first time and since then they are working together.

They both left Mainz in 2008 to join Borussia Dortmund and they stayed there for 7 years. They won back to back Bundesliga titles and they made them qualified in the final of the champions League in 2013.

They left Dortmund to at the end of 2013 and after that they came back to FC Liverpool in the end of 2015.

Man behind Gegenpressing Tactic:

Gegenpressing tactic which gave Jurgen Klopp a lot of success is a find of  Buvac himself. He is known as the brains of the operation of Klopp in his successful era.

Story behind this shocking News:

It is clear that Buvac will not be seen at the ground with Liverpool for the rest of the season. The reason which is stated thus far is that he has family issues owing to which he has left  the club and will come back at the start of next season.

Pravda BL stated this shocking news that he may never come back to the club. They moreover stated that he will join Football club Arsenal.

When asked from the Liverpool club they stated that he is been on rest and he will surely make a comeback. So, Reality is not known so far but analysists says that he might not come back is the real news.

Whatever it is, if Liverpool is able to win the Final on 26th May it will be interesting to see what decision Buvac makes. Liverpool winning the final of UCL can have effect on the decision Buvac Takes.

Let’s wait and watch how things go on for next 3 weeks.