Chester Bennington’s widow hits out at TMZ for reporting details of Avicii’s death

Avicii’s death

The Linkin Park fame Chester Bennington was a renowned name in the music industry and had a great number of followers for the same. He was adored by his fans for his lively personality and the funky yet elegant appearance that he used to carry. Sadly, he left the world in July 2017 when he killed himself, suicide. His widow Talinda Ann Bentley whom he got married in 2005 was head over heels in love with him and so it took her quite a lot of time to cope with his death and absence.

It’s been a year since Chester Bennington’s sudden demise but the reason why his widow has been able to grab the media limelight is through her Twitter account in which she is paying condolences to Avicii’s death and bashing the popular celebrity news platform TMZ for portraying a wrong image of the celebrity’s suicide.

How is Chester Bennington’s death related to Avicii’s?

One thing that both Chester Bennington and Avicii have in common was that both of them were suffering from severe depression which led them to suicide. This is the main reason why Chester’s widow Talinda has been in the news for Avicii’s death when TMZ reported his death news with some disturbing graphic images. The fact that Chester had died a year before Avicii has made people think that is Talinda more interested in the suicide thing now and not before? The answer to it is the disturbing news article from TMZ that has distressed the formal musician’s widow and she is making every possible step to make TMZ condemn this unprofessional attitude by ridiculing something as sensitive as suicide.

Talinda’s Tweets

Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda Ann Bentley has been lashing out on the popular celebrity media news platform TMZ for posting some of the really disturbing content, both visual and written, after Avicii’s suicide. According to the unknown sources, this has made difficult to forget with her husband’s death which was a year ago and moreover, she thinks that it’s unethical to posts something like this on the news because it is awfully demeaning for the deceased soul. She expressed her anger and grief in her tweet:

“Please, please, DO NOT click on the TMZ article or any other about the private details of Avicii’s passing. This is how WE can stop #filthytmz.”

Furthermore, she has asked her followers and the two musician’s fans to stop promoting such stuff and start normalizing depression so that more people will come forward with their mental illness and feel free to discuss to be able to get rid of it or treat it the right instead of taking their own precious lives. In reply to one of the tweets, she wrote:

“I would like to politely ask you to change your verbiage a bit though. It is shaming and stigmatizing to say “committed suicide “. Deepest gratuity if you could write “Died by suicide”.”

Both Chester Bennington and Avicii have millions of fans all around the world and are supporting Talinda in this movement of not allowing the media houses to insult someone who was trying to struggle with a mental illness and is no more.