Football World Cup 2018 safety concerns in Russia


    The FIFA World Cup 2018 is set to take place in Russia and the football fans cannot wait for it to start. However, more than the World Cup itself, the issue that is being discussed the most and is raising questions on its crowd success is the conventional old war between Russia and England which is leading the event towards a major fight between the citizens of both the countries. Although Russia and England are trying to maintain the friendly relations for the sake of political values, the fans are still not ready to accept each other. Moreover, Russian fans are adamant on not allowing the England fans to attend the World Cup or cheer for their team.

    The Debate

    All of this has led to the questioning of Russia’s higher authority security departments who are trying their best to assure the UK and England fans that there will no compromise on the security matters and Britain’s fans safety is their topmost priority. That said, the UK’s worrying for their citizens is still justified due to some of the recent unfortunate incidents that have taken place in Russia.

    The Bilbao incident

    Recently in the northern Spanish city of Bilbao, a police offer died of a heart stack due to the clash between supporters of Spartak and Athletic. The street war was being controlled by the police and as a result of which one of the policemen was taken to the nearest hospital where he dies because of the heart failure. This news has been making rounds and is raising questions on the security measures for the protection of the England fans who will attend the World Cup. Although the Russian government is still firm on its statement of providing the best security to each and every person attending the FIFA World Cup 2018, the UK government’s concerns for its citizens seem to be quite justified and fair enough in the light of the recent unfortunate series of events including the Bilbao incident.

    Russia’s security attempts for the FIFA World Cup 2018

    Russia’s recent statement in which its higher authorities have claimed the security for the FIFA World Cup is solely their responsibility and they will take every possible step to make sure that nothing miserable happens during and after the matches that will cause disgrace to the country’s reputation. Moreover, the Russian government is taking help from the renowned local and international security headquarters to ensure a secure and safe happening of all the matches until the final, and after that.

    The estimated England Fans figure

    According to a survey and other authentic sources, the estimated amount of the tickets bought this year by the England fans for the FIFA World Cup 2018 is around 28,000 which are a lot lesser than the previous year’s tickets bought that were 94,000. This means the England fans are still not satisfied by Russia’s security claims and are waiting for some serious progress in this regard so that they will be able to attend and enjoy the thrilling sports event.