Smart meters gathering momentum in U.K. market

smart meters

The UK has always remained upfront when it comes to the country’s progression with the help of latest technology developments. Technology has been successful so far in making lives less complicated and facilitating the humans for doing things with much more ease and comfort. This is why the UK government has always appreciated the idea of implanting latest methods of improving and upgrading the conventional lifestyle that is nothing but a mental and physical stress.  Of all the other attempts by the UK, the smart meters are the latest rage in the local market and are totally taking over the traditional manually operated meter systems in the country.

The UK market is witnessing a great turn out on the sales of the smart meters which has made it possible for everyone to install one in their houses without making any extra effort. The energy suppliers of the particular area are responsible for installing the device in the homes on the user’s request and then there is no human involvement in recording the meter readings for the monthly energy bills.

Has the UK population accepted the smart meters?

Yes, certainly. People in the UK have always been open-minded when it comes to accepting new technologies that are helpful in progressing towards an improved future. The main reason for it is the convenience that the smart meters are providing to its users in which there are no requirements of taking the meter readings manually every month in which there are 60% chances of human error as well. Whereas with the help of the smart meters, people have not only been able to record their energy consumption by themselves through a digital system but also prevent damage that is caused by gas or water leakage.

Why are people still hesitant in installing the smart meters?

The reason for the smart meters becoming so common yet still not making it to the expected results of installation is mainly the unawareness and fear for technology. This is not something new and it has been happening since forever that people take some time to accept something new because they don’t believe in it and its magnificent results. However, a large number of people are allowing the smart meters to be installed in their homes on a daily basis which means that the time is not far when the whole of the UK’s energy consumption will be operated and controlled with the smart meters.

Facts and Figures

According to the UK government’s Smart Metering Implementation Program (SMIP), an average of 10% of the smart meter users is being increased every month which is a great achievement. Also, considering the current progress, the UK will witness a massive improvement in the smart meter installation by 2020 with 53 million smart meters being installed in over 30 million residential and commercial projects. These figures are a solid proof of the UK’s local market accepting the smart meters as their ultimate choice for decreasing the power and energy consumption and also prevent life-threatening damages caused due to leakage.

The smart meters gathering momentum in the UK market is not news anymore keeping in the mind the increasing numbers of the smart meters becoming common among the ordinary people as well.