Uber is ready to expand the flight taxi project with NASA


Uber is introducing its flying taxi project in collaboration with NASA. Uber has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA for experimenting air mobility in the city.

Uber is a transportation network company which is currently operating in about 633 cities around the world. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Uber is operated through a mobile application and websites. Uber offers various services, but all the services are not available in every region.

The recent news tells us that Uber is going to introduce air mobility through the flying taxi. For this, the company has made an agreement with NASA and jointly working with them. According to the agreement, Uber will share its concept of flying taxi and all the information related to it. While NASA will use algorithms and air space management techniques to make the concept work. NASA will take control of all operational and safety issues related to the implementation of the idea.

eVTOL concept:

The agreement between NASA and Uber took place in Los Angeles. As per agreement, it presented the flying car concept. In technical terms, it is known as the electrical Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) concept. The eVTOL model looks like an amalgamation of a drone and a plane. It is fully electric and quieter than the usual helicopter. Moreover, being electric, it is more efficient too.

The Space Act between the two companies will allow the ideas and expertise of both the companies to revolutionize the world. The NASA will use its years of experience in different areas of air mobility and the Uber will use its colossal engineering, in a joint effort to make this flying concept work.

The flying vehicle will cruise around the altitude of 1000 to 2000 feet, which will be lifted vertically by its electric motors. It will have a cruising speed of 150mph. However, it will have the capacity to cover 25 miles with the charging power of only 5 minutes. It is also proposed that it will take, a continuous flight of 3 hours.

According to the agreement, NASA will use its research facility at the Dallas Fort Worth airport to analyze the operations of the eVTOL system proposed by Uber. Furthermore, they will evaluate the flying taxi operations in an urban area combined with the evaluation of possible safety issues that may arise during the flight.

According to the sources, UBER is having plans for the demonstration flights in 2020 and is announcing commercial availability of the vehicles around 2023. Dallas Fort Worth and the Los Angeles are considered to be the pioneer cities in having the first flying ride sharing network.