Are you breathing third hand smoke shots?


Smoking has become a common habit of many individuals today. Despite of all the hazardous effects of smoking, many people do smoke regularly. However, there are many rehab centers and rehabilitation clinics working to eliminate the curse of smoking. Without a doubt, tobacco is injurious to health and those who smoke regularly have much higher chances of getting prone to diseases.

Smoking doesn’t only cause problems for the smokers but the non-smokers also get affected by the smoke. Smoke doesn’t get disappeared instantly and cause the problems while breathing.

What is third-hand smoke?? 

The people who smoke are called as active smokers. They are the most affected ones by the smoke as they inhale the smoke from cigar directly. Although there is a filter which hinders the hazardous particles to thrust into the mouth, the smoke is still injurious and causes many respiratory problems. People who don’t smoke by themselves but inhale the smoke released by the smokers are called as passive smokers. Passive smokers inhale hazardous particles as there is not any filter for them.

Third hand smoke is the one which gets stuck in the carpets, furniture and curtains inside the homes. The third hand smoke is initially released by the active smokers and gets stuck into the carpets which after some time, converts into yet more hazardous particles which get gaseous and are inhaled by the living beings. The third hand smoke becomes injurious to the inhabitants.

  • Effects on Infants:

The third hand smoke stuck in the carpets affects the babies who are mostly lying on the furniture or floor. It is very bad for the babies to inhale such injurious particles.

  • Effects on Mice:

Mice are also heavily affected by the third hand smoke and are observed to have irregularities because of inhaling such injurious smoke.

It is proved that the third hand smoke has a lot of infectious effects on the respiratory systems of the living beings. The issue needs to be given special attention by us.

How to minimize the amount of inhaling 3rd hand smoke:

The 3rd hand smoke needs to be given our attention as it may cause a lot more problems than we may think. Here are some precautionary measures to minimize the effects of 3rd hand smoke.

  • Wash the curtains and carpets regularly

Make sure to wash the carpets and curtains at least a couple of times a year. Washing them can make sure that the excessive smoke stuck in the objects gets disposed off regularly.

  • Clean the furniture by wet dusters:

The daily use furniture is home to a large amount of smoke particles. This makes the inhabitants to inhale hazardous chemicals and compounds. It’s very important to clean the furniture with wet dusters in order to make the environment smoke free.

  • Avoid smoking within the residence:

It’s advised not to smoke inside the houses as it may expose the furniture and other stuff to hazardous smoke. In addition, it makes the children openly exposed to the passive smoking.


So, for a good healthy life we should avoid smoking as soon as possible.