Is Android P copying, iPhone X features?

Andriod P

After the Android 8.0 Oreo, Google presented the Android P Beta software at the Google I/O Conference. And it somehow has some common features with the iPhone X. Up till now, Google has not disclosed what the ‘P’ means in the Android P.

Similar features of Android P and iPhone X and how are these features working differently:

  • Like iPhone X, Android P does not have a Home button. But it appears as a virtual button in Android P for some applications.
  • Similarly, the back button is also absent in the Android P, which is also a feature of iPhone X. But it appears in Android if you really have to navigate back.
  • The swiping up feature to see the open applications is similar in both Android P and the iPhone X. However, they are somehow different in function. For instance, swiping up in an Android P, the open applications show up and you can navigate between those applications by swiping left or right. But in an iPhone X, there is a relatively complex procedure, like you have to on the screen of the application and a button appears and then you are able to close or navigate between the applications.
  • Swiping up two times is enabled in both phones, but again for different purposes. In an Android P, swiping up two times open the page which shows all the downloaded applications, even the hidden ones. While in an iPhone X, swiping up two times takes you to the home screen.
  • Swiping left to right on the home screen displays news, appointments, weather, etc. on both Android P and the iPhone X.
  • Android P has an added feature of editing a screenshot after taking it just like the iPhone X. In previous Android versions, no edit feature was introduced.

Different features of Android P from iPhone X:

  • In Android P, tapping and holding the Home button launches the Google Assistant, while there is no such function in an iPhone X.
  • Sliding over the Home button from left to right switches between the applications in an Android P. When you lift your finger up, the application card in front of the screen opens up and takes the full screen mode.
  • Android P has a feature which can add pictures to notifications. If some notifications are constantly ignored, Google Operating System will offer to disable the ignored notifications.
  • By pressing the power button for a while will show volume controls for the ease of the users.
  • Android P has a useful feature to set time limits to such applications which take a lot of your time. After the set time period, it will fade away the icon of the application so that you may get the reminder that the time limit of using a particular application is over.
  • Another distinguishing feature of Android P is that if you put it over a surface, facing down, it will automatically switch to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode until you pick it up and flip over.


Although there is a lot of talking that Android P has taken the features of iPhone X, still there are a lot of features that make it different from an iOS. But introduction of such a similar phone can make transition of people easier who want to switch from an iPhone to Android.