Apple keyboard issue led company to lawsuit


Apple has always maintained its bench mark in the market for producing the best of the best and beautified gadgets and laptops. MacBook is one of those luxurious products by the Apple, which has reigned over all other contemporary brands for a long time. Be it the ergonomic design features or the latest technology incorporated into these laptops, Apple has always been ahead of everyone else in this domain.

Apple in hot waters now-How?

But unfortunately, these days, Apple has been in hot waters. Surprisingly, the Apple has offended its loyal huge clientage due to a defect in their keyboard. Although this doesn’t seem a big reason, but people have no tolerance when such stupid blunder comes from a brand like Apple.

How a simple keyboard is supposed to function?

Actually, there is no complex science involved in the manufacturing and working of keyboards. Simply, when you press a key, plastic is pressed against a tiny metallic piece and this strikes against another metal piece for completing the circuit. After the circuit gets complete, a little amount of electric current circulates in the circuit. The processor of laptop, converts this electric current into a character which we can view on the screen.

What happened to the MacBook Keyboard?

Even after this simple mechanism, unfortunately and shockingly the keyboards of MacBook disappointed the customers just after 1 year of their purchase. This brings quite a shame to the name of Apple. Since, the low quality laptops from companies like Toshiba are performing better when it comes to keyboard functioning.

Reinvention “butterfly” keyboard fails to satisfy the users

Apple launched its MacBook with a latest version of keyboard known as “butterfly” keyboard. This keyboard designed was claimed to be sleek, thinner and far more stable than the existing “scissor” mechanism of MacBook’s previous keyboard. This “butterfly” keyboard with the latest technology and design was supposed to provide the users with even distribution of finger pressure on every key. But it was not loved by all the MacBook users out there.

What paved the ways for lawsuit against Apple?

But huge number of complaints coming from the MacBook users gave rise to a legal complaint filed against the Apple Company in Northern California. The situation was further aggravated when consumers reported their complaints to the manufacturers and they refused to provide them with technical assistance in that regard. Furthermore, Apple refused to disclose this technical fault to its consumers.

Two courageous consumers of MacBook finally decided to take this matter to courts and filed a lawsuit against the Apple Company on the behalf of all other users experiencing the same issue with their MacBook keyboard. This further took a toll, when a similar law suit was filed against the Apple for producing iPod’s diminishing capacity batteries.

Apple’s bad reputation and shrinking size of clientele

This came as a huge blow to the market reputation of Apple. People all over the world used to go crazy for purchasing the latest gadgets by Apple, once. But now every Apple fan is considering their choices again and again before hitting the market to spend their hard earned money for buying Apple’s MacBook. Since, MacBook keyboard has clearly failed to keep its customers satisfied. Let’s see how Apple manages to get out of these hot waters now.