Former Head of Tesla Model 3 cars, Doug Field, is taking a break


    Everybody, especially men, loves speed and thrill. For the sake of fulfilling this thirst of speed and maddened thrill, man has created different ways. Initially, horses were used to match the passion of man to enjoy speed, then came the revolutionary period of technology and inventions.

    The era of technology introduced a stream of new inventions which also included the gadgets intended to ease transport and travel. Initially, the cars were made just to travel and to transport the goods and had slow speeds. Then, the world started focusing on different sports and racing of vehicle got popular. New ways got introduced to increase the speed and efficiency of the motor cars. Even today, the struggle to achieve better and more reliable engines continues.

    Hundreds of factories build these powerful, high speed and efficient cars across the globe. Different cars are made, keeping in mind the main purpose of the respective car. For example, regular cars don’t have turbo engines or anything much special, rally cars have special features which help them to be better at rally racing, racing cars have purposely built high performance engines etc.

    Tesla Inc. is a known manufacturer of the vehicles worldwide. It is known for its high performance and efficient cars. The company got its name in NEWS when they removed the veteran head of Tesla model 3 cars, ‘Doug Field’, and appointed another person for the post. This was not ordinary NEWS as, to be a head of any production item of such famous company is very special. Field was the head of Tesla Model 3 cars and after his arrival in 2013; he provided services as a Vice President of car programs.

    He was a hardware engineer and provided a stint of five years at Apple. Field, after being removed, decided to take some rest by quitting his services for Tesla Inc. for some time but he emphasizes that he is meant to be back and that his duration at Tesla Inc. is not over. The new appointed head of the mentioned vehicles, Musk, looks pretty determined and confident to take the production to new heights. In a tweet, he says, “My job as CEO is to focus on what’s most critical, which is currently Model 3 production. Doug, who I regard as one of the world’s most talented engineering execs, is focused on vehicle engineering.” He is very confident to upstage the production of the company and has asked the related individuals to perform their best.

    How good is Tesla Model III???

    Tesla Model 3 car is a very unique vehicle by Tesla Inc. having a medium-size, four door sedan and is all-electric. Tesla Model 3 was named as the Magazine’s by Popular Mechanics. Within a week of its unveiling, Tesla Model 3 gathered 325,000 reservations, which was almost 3 times than the whole production number of Model S sedans sold by the end of 2015. Tesla III is really a vehicle which can grasp anyone’s attention by its appealing looks, efficient engines and high performance. Tesla III gives a tight competition to all the vehicles out there.