How sleeping early can help boost our health??


Today, it’s the age of electronic appliances and gadgets and we agree or not, these gadgets have a handsome hold on our lives. We don’t always perform what we think we would. Our daily routine has been badly struck due to the use of different appliances and gadgets. Most often, we delay our sleep using our cell phones and surfing different social mediums. Social mediums have a very addictive effect on our body and some people may scroll their timelines knowing that they are just wasting the time and have to wake up early in the morning.

Our laptops and mobiles shower strong blue light which is a killer of sleepiness as our mind perceives the blue light as daylight and as a result, we don’t feel sleepy even at nights. Naturally, the sleep time starts as soon as it gets dark but today we are so much stuck in our routine that our sleep gets affected regularly.

Why to sleep early???

It’s not always enough to take a proper sleep. The period of day, in which you take your sleep, matters a lot. The night shifts are not recommended by the experts, as a night worker may get sleep during the day, but that would not be a replacement of night sleep. An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight. It is very advisable to go to bed early and take a proper sleep and wake up right at dawn. Going to bed late and getting up just when you have to prepare for the school, college, work etc. is not recommended. Instead, sleep is meant to provide the relaxation to the body, refreshment to our muscles and to rest our brain functioning cells, so an improper and a hasty sleep is just not okay. Some tips are advised by the experts to make sure that you sleep at the right time.

  • Try to sync your routine as an early riser; it will naturally make your brain feel tired early at nights.
  • Always put your laptops and cell phones at Nightlight modes in evenings, so that their light doesn’t fool your brain as daylight.
  • Try to eat dinners as early as possible and eat light in the dinner. The process of digestion can hinder a proper sleep.
  • Try not to be a night worker; a day sleep can never replace a night sleep. Naturally, your brain gets the most out of sleep at nights.


Benefits of getting a proper & early sleep

                                                      There are a lot of health benefits attached to a proper and early sleep. Early sleepers and early risers are much less prone to health risks and other physical irregularities. Some of the main benefits are given below:

  • Better Health

People with a proper sleep, around 6 to 8 hours, can enjoy a much better health than those who are sleep deprived or do sleep very late at nights. Using your gadgets at nights and delaying sleep doesn’t only effect your eyes but also have a lot more health risks like obesity, increased heart problems, high blood pressure, affected memory, affected thinking and creativity etc.

  • Higher Immunity:

Taking a good and proper sleep at the right time of night is very beneficial to further enhance your immune system. A lot of health problems are related to a bad sleep. Taking a sleep of less than 5 hours regularly can badly affect your body’s ability to defend against any disease. Similarly, habit of sleeping much longer and rising up late is also very hazardous as it not only makes the person dizzy and lazy, but also hinders the creativity.

  • Better Moods & Increased Energy Level:

A good sleep ensures that you don’t get tired easily during the day and your energy level remains at the maximum during the whole day. Getting a bad mood is highly concerned with decreased energy level of the body. Whenever you feel tired, you cannot live up to any moment and you will feel hesitant to try things.


Some drawbacks of getting bad sleep regularly:

                                                                      A bad sleep is associated with a lot of bad effects but some of them, which are important, are given below:

  • Memory issues
  • Increased chance of accidents
  • Weight gain
  • Poor balance
  • Weakened Immunity
  • Diabetes and Heart problems
  • Blood pressure issues

 All these drawbacks are a proof that how bad an improper sleep is. Sleeping at the natural time can really boost our energy level and we won’t feel any type of tiredness during the whole day. So sleep early and get up early to make the most out of your day.