Smart Meter Company Set to be Fastest Growing MOP in UK


Smart meter company Access Install LTD, part of the AI Group are set to become the fastest growing Meter Operator Provider (MOP), Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and Meter Asset Provider (MAP) in the UK’s Smart Meter Rollout.

Access Install was founded in 2015 with 3 full-time employees and has grown to just shy of 130 directly employed members of staff in a space of 18 months.

The company will be nominated for the fastest growing company in the UK in the 2019 awards and is set to target 1,000 directly employed members of staff by 2020.

Quote from the company is shown below;

” We have grown exponentially in the last 18 months, and are still in the initial phase of the companies roll out. With turnover set to hit £16,000,000 (million) this year, we will see directly employed members of staff increase tenfold. The AI Group does not solely focus on the smart meter rollout and positions itself as both a finance house and also a private domestic homes services provider. Allowing our directly employed members of staff full-time employment post-2020 smart meter deadline. ”

We are Nominating the AI Group as a ‘One to Watch’ company for the future.