Brexit says that Britain has to do more to get advantages from science and technology


Brexit has left a deep impression not only over the political trends of Britain but their political and national insight and way of looking at issues has also been significantly changed. Recently a statement given by the Minister of Universities and Sciences clearly shows the change of Britain thoughts about how to move forward in the race of science and advancement.

He said Britain must remain intact to their own roots of “science and technology” if they want to grow financially stronger. Since education, science and technology and supremacy in knowledge are the only powers which can keep a nation ahead in the race of advancement.

What is at stake if Britain walks away from EU?

If the Britain chooses to walk away from the European Union, they must realize, the Great Britain will no longer be able to enjoy the perks of science and technology they were availing being a part of EU. This puts not just the future of UK on stake, but the future of entire Europe is at stake. Since, being a member of EU, Britain gets the benefit of multi-country contribution and collaboration in fields of scientific development and advancement. EU member countries can avail the wide array of diverse scientific expertise and latest shared benefits of research facilities. Intellectual people with intelligent minds can freely move from one country and can reside in certain other country

The writing in the wall

According to opinion makers, a nation could flourish its economy and wealth by increasing the trades in science and technology. Leaving the European Union will have a massive impact over the scientific development of Britain. Considering this writing in the wall, thousands of scientists, experts and researchers are voicing their concerns about the negative impact of Brexit over STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The research future of prestigious scientific projects is at stake

The participation of Britain fertile minds in prestigious research ventures taking place throughout the Europe will be highly affected by the stir caused due to Brexit. For instance, the research project for finding the “oldest ice” in Antarctica is seemingly to have an uncertain future now. Furthermore, another grand scientific project related to the domain of space technology initiated by European Space Agency is in doldrums now. The project is meant for the development of satellite Earth observation program.

When it comes to joint efforts for scientific development, British scientists and experts were receiving huge financial grants from European Research Council to facilitate their research. Consequently according to the facts, United Kingdom was receiving a share of 15.5% as scientific funding and the contribution made by UK is about 12%.

Need of the hour

So, if Britain wants to survive in this race of science and technology, they must sharpen their own knives to compete. Provided the recent referendum results are putting the United Kingdom’s political situation in a phase of “instability”. In these situations Britian has to maintain its leading position in the fields of Science and technological advancement, since a large number of scientific researchers consider the UK as the best place to flourish their scientific research and innovations.