Firms are not ready to install the smart meters?

smart meters

The use of technology has become necessary and important in today’s fast life. If you are one of those people who doesn’t believe in the technology advancement and consider them as one of the government tactics to engage more people into it, then you might probably be wrong with your assumptions here that are not based on facts. While more than half of the UK has witnessed the installation of the smart meters in their homes, some locations are still being denied this golden opportunity due to some legit reasons.

However, the government’s target for the smart meter installation in the UK needs quite some time to be achieved considering the delay in the firms who are not ready to install the smart meters. The reason for it is the usual debate that differentiates the residential and commercials sectors on the basis of energy consumption, and smart moves by the respective owners. While most of us are still looking for the actual reasons for it, the answer lies in the description below.

Facts and Figures

  1. The smart meters have been installed in more than 8.6 million residential units that make it almost half of the set target.
  2. The target by the energy suppliers and the UK government is still left by over 50 million that seems difficult to achieve until 2020.
  3. The smart meter installation is being hurdled by the firms who have been declared non-eligible for the technology update.
  4. According to the recent survey, it will take 24 meters per minute for the smart meters to be installed to complete the target by 2020.
  5. More than the gas and electricity suppliers, the UK government is interested in the smart meters installation to reduce the overall energy consumption.

Reasons for the firms not installing the smart meters

Firms who have been either rejected the right to install smart meters in their private sectors or do not meet up the demands of the energy suppliers for the same are the main reason why the target is becoming impossible to achieve day by day. Companies with a valid reason such as the technical issues standing in the way of the smart meters installation will be soon be overlooked in order to make sure that none of the deserving firm or an individual is left to avail the amazing cost-saving technology.

Some of the reasons for the firms not installing the smart meters include the non-payment of the previous energy bills, the excessive energy consumption, and the lack of proper setup for the installation.

Is it causing any harm to the set target?

Yes, certainly. The target set by the UK government has to be fulfilled in order to save the country from unwanted energy disasters in the form of sudden deaths and injuries due to the leakage issues, and also the additional energy consumption that is causing a meltdown for the country’s economy.

Firms in the UK need to consider the issues that are causing hurdles in the way for making the UK a completely technologically updated country that is able to save more energy and power supply in the form of the smart meters.