Kroger tech deal led to rise in 44% shares of Ocado


To grow and enhance the businesses, hard work is not the only solution as sometimes a smart move can outplay every other competitor. This is an age of commercialization and being good doesn’t necessarily ensure the success of a product at the market. Hundreds of different methods are used to enhance the selling and to publicize the products.

To handle a business nowadays, demands a high degree of smartness and decision making ability from your side. The latest addition to the market is web based selling stores. The idea of online buying and selling has revolutionized the whole game. Now, a consumer can order the products while sitting at home and thus minimizing the manual effort.

Looking at the success of such modern selling, a lot of firms have taken interest in the game and a lot of websites and programs have been developed to serve the purpose.

Ocado and Kroger, signed a deal:

Ocado is an online superstore which performs the delivery tasks from its warehouses instead of any chain stores as it hasn’t any of them. It is said to be the best online market in United Kingdom. Ocado was founded in April 2000 and signed a collaborative partnership with Waitrose in 2002. Ocado offers a lot of products including the groceries from Waitrose as well as their own brand, various items and other useful products. On the other hand, Kroger is an American based company which offers retailing. Kroger was founded in 1883 and is considered as the largest supermarket chain in United States, in terms of revenue.

According to the recent reports, the two business giants have signed a deal which enables Kroger to use the technology of Ocado, exclusively in USA. According to Ocado, the board has ceased any negotiations with other retailers in the United States after the deal with Kroger. This is the 4th agreement in six months, by Ocado, which shows at how much pace the market value of Ocado is growing. According to the deal, Kroger will be taking 5% of the stakes of Ocado. Ocado has been criticized a lot in the past over its bad decisions and unworthy signings as it failed to produce large profits regularly.

The positive effects of the deal between Kroger and Ocado have already been seen as there is a potential rise of 44% in the shares of Ocado. This rise shows the value of the smart move made by both the business tycoons. The British firm Ocado will be investing in the United States to create a large number of robotic warehouses for its customer, Kroger, from the US. Ocado has agreed to create 3-20 warehouses within the upcoming period. Ocado has impressed the market by making decisive moves which may benefit the firm in the long run. Not only with the US’s firms, but Ocado has already targeted the companies from Canada and France. All these moves will surely assist Ocado to maximize the influence as an online supermarket. The potential rise in the shares points towards the upcoming glory and monopoly of Ocado at international market.