Royal Wedding 2018: Harry and Meghan release official photos

Royal wedding

Royal Wedding happened on May 19, 2018. The couple vowed in front of 600 guests, media and the whole world to respect, protect and love one another. Like any other occasion, photographs were captured during this ceremony. Three official images have been released.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released some of the official images of their big day. One of the three images included a portrait in which the couple and royal family alongside with bridesmaid were standing in the Green Drawing Room of Windsor Castle. Meghan Markle’s mother was the only family member who attended her wedding.

The bride had 10 bridesmaid and pageboys. In another picture, the groom and bride were captured with bridesmaid and pageboys. Meghan Markle was sitting on the floor and Prince Harry on a chair, bridesmaid and pageboys were standing around the newlywed couple. The third photograph that was officially released was captured at the east terrace of Windsor Castle.

In this portrait, Duke of Sussex was looking into the camera and Duchess of Sussex was looking somewhere else. This made the photograph more attractive. The portrait was a black and white shit. According to a statement, “The Royal Highnesses are satisfied and happy with the official portraits of the Royal Wedding.”


The official pictures got viral on internet as everyone was waiting for them to release. 110,000 people packed the city’s streets on Saturday. As stated by the council, around 67,000 train tours were made out of Windsor’s two railway stations. Over eleven million people watched the live coverage of the royal wedding on different news broadcasters at a time. Many people set their tents on the roadside just to have a glimpse of the newlywed couple.


Three official images that have been released were captured by British photographer, Alexi Lubomirski at Windsor Castle. He is a known fashion and celebrity photographer. Alexi said it had been an “unbelievable honor” to capture the couple’s “exciting journey of love”. “This has been a great period in my profession and life that I will never forget,” he added.  Lubomirski has been working with Vogue (China, Spain, Korea, Germany and Nippon), Harper Bazaar and many other fashion brands. He also captured cover celebrities like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts and many more. Alexi lives in NY.

Royal Family website has added an official profile of the new member of the family, Meghan Markle. The profile mentions her effort for some of charitable foundations. The Duchess of Sussex added on her official profile, “I’m pleased to be a lady and an activist.” The Duchess of Sussex wore a lily white, silk thin strap-neck dress for the newlywed couple’s private reception in the evening. Stella McCartney designed the dress for evening reception. Photos are a good way to make the memories make ever-lasting. More photographs from the royal event are expected to be released soon.