The park with four seasons is open for visitors


Global warming has become one of the most threatening issues faced by the Earth habitat nowadays. Uncountable inventions and changes have led to a situation where our planet is facing a lot of threats. Every day, our daily life processes do add a lot of substances in the atmosphere which ultimately temper the pureness of our habitat. The seasons of our Earth are badly affected by the increasing pollution and impurities. The winter season has been minimized and the Earth crust faces high temperature most of the time during the year.

Several NGOs have shown interest to keep the greatness and beauty of our Earth alive and have served a lot to make the situation better. However, our lifestyle is continuously becoming worse which may lead to a chronic situation of global warming.

Intentions Behind 4 Seasons Park:   

A space in Milan’s main square, Piazza del Duomo, was chosen to exhibit the four seasons at one place, under one roof. All the seasons were created artificially, using techniques to spread awareness of the greenery in our surroundings. Thousands of trees are being cut each year because of our encroachment and to be utilized for different purposes. The authorities planned to create an artificial environment in Milan so that people can enjoy the four different seasons at one place. This was intended to make the people aware of how our activities are affecting our natural habitat and seasons.

Students, NGO members, social workers and other concerned individuals were invited to visit the place and use their platforms to spread the message. Our Earth needs solid steps from our side. Milan has also experimented greening the city in the past. Other similar projects are under consideration too. A green city in 2014 was created by an Italian architecture firm Boeri Studios.

They made it possible to plant 20,000 plants and 900 trees for a population of just thousands of people. For the future project, which is expected to start in 2020, Chinese government has commissioned the architects to create the urban space, Liozhou Forest City. The forest city is expected to absorb 10,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, 57 tonnes of pollutants and to produce around 9,000 tonnes of oxygen. It is planned to plant around a million plants and 40,000 trees to achieve the landmark milestones. The Forest City will consist of homes, offices and other structures covered by plants.

Boeri is also working on a plan to make Milan greener. The plan includes the converting of seven railway yards in parks, gardens and oasis. The firm has also some plans in Paris, some cities on Holland and Poland etc.

Why is greenery important???

 It is very important for us keep the natural habitat as much green as possible. Plants prepare oxygen which is needed by human beings in order to stay alive. In large cities, lack of oxygen becomes a major problem as the residents feel difficulty in respiration. Carbon dioxide pollutes the environment and is consumed by plants, which is another plus point of plants and trees. Forests are responsible for rains and climate control. Trees do assist against soil erosion and land sliding is also opposed by trees. In short, forests and green fields are significant in keeping the environment ideal for us.