4 Ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markel honored Lady Diana at the Royal Wedding


    The royal wedding that took place on the 19th of May this year was carried out extravagantly with some of the appreciable gestures made by the couple to honor the groom’s late mother Lady Diana. It is said and quite evident from the interviews of Prince Williams and Prince Harry that they are still very much attached to their mother and wish for her spirit to be present at the important occasions of their life. This is why the Royal Wedding was the best chance for the couple to express their love for the Lady who held an incredibly impressive personality throughout her life.

    While Lady Diana has her own class of appearance and social services that she did for the charity purpose, the couple tried their best to portray a bit of everything to honor the Lady in the most appreciable way possible. Being the youngest, Prince Harry is said to have been extremely attached to this mother which Meghan is not only comfortable with but also supports her husband in the same cause.

    Here are some of the ways through which Prince Harry and Meghan Markel honored Lady Diana at the royal wedding.

    The Veil

    The veil of Meghan’s extraordinary white dress was very similar to that of Diana’s on her wedding day. Although Diana’s veil was way longer than Meghan’s, the two still resembled in a lot of the ways. Firstly, Meghan’s veil was also long just like Diana’s, and secondly, Meghan’s dress was simple and white like that of Diana’s. This was Meghan’s little tribute to her late mother-in-law to whom she feels attached because of Harry’s love for her.

    The Flowers

    The flowers that Meghan carried on her wedding day were specially picked up by Harry from the personal garden that holds a special significance in his life. The white roses that were Diana’s favorite were also used for decoration at her wedding with Prince Charles and also at her funeral place. The bouquet that Meghan held was very similar the one that Diana had at her wedding.

    The Charity

    The charity was Diana’s one of the biggest concerns all her life. Therefore, Harry and Meghan asked the invited guests to donate charity to the causes selected by the couple, instead of gifts, two of which were related to the patients of HIV and Aids, which were also Diana’s main focus.

    The Spencer Family

    The Spencer family was not forgotten on the wedding day and all the immediate family members were invited to the wedding considering each and every member a very important part of the royal family function. Also, the reading at the wedding was done by Harry’s aunt and uncle, which speaks volumes about the groom’s love for his maternal side of the family.

    Other than that, the ring that Meghan had on her engagement has also been made in consideration with Diana’s which is now owned by Kate, Prince William’s wife. All of these sweet yet emotional gestures by the couple to remember Lady Diana on the wedding is being awed and appreciated by everyone, especially Diana’s followers.