Fans free accommodation offered by Ukraine


Champions League Final will be played on 26 May, 2018 at capital of Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. Many football fans are planning to go and watch the nail-biting contest between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Residents of Ukraine have offered free accommodation for the football lovers.

Kyiv’s Locals

Local residents of Kyiv, Ukraine posted on social media that they will be providing free residence to football fans that are visiting country’s capital this weekend for the Champions League Final game. It’s very good news for those who were planning to visit the Ukrainian capital for the game. This step was taken by the locals when hotels increased the prices very high due to the football game.

Social Media

Locals have made many groups on social media websites offering rooms and sofas free of cost for the final. Victor Kylymar has made the biggest social media group where he had offered accommodations to the football lovers. He has more than 5,000 members and hundreds of post on his group’s wall. While talking to media he said, “I noticed many people were complaining about the increased prices of hotels on final game’s night. I realized how greedy the hotel owners are. So, I decided to take a step forward.” Kyiv’s local people are opening their homes to visitors to serve them with local dishes and give them place to live. It’s like they are being ambassadors of their traditions and culture. Victor also said, “Football is about bringing people closer and that’s what this group is all about.”

Increased Prices

Local hotels increased their rents almost 100 times the original rent due to high demand of booking rooms. Many books were cancelled due to increased prices. A two-person suite in a 2-star hotel normally costs around 51$ per night but it would cost around 2800$ on May 26. There has been some news that many hotel businesses decided to cancel pre-bookings and to take advantage of high prices to make more revenue. A local from Madrid booked a one-bedroom flat along with his friend through a company known as Dayflats for 698$. He later received a notification informing that the booking was cancelled and the rent is increased by 4 times.

Politicians join the locals

Petro Poroshenko, has offered to accommodate some of the fans to fill up the lack of reasonable accommodation in Kyiv on this weekend. Opposition party’s MP Serhiy Sobolyev, his wife and 3 kids have decided to give the keys to their flat in central Kyiv to a Liverpool fan and his daughter. He told news agency in his flat that: “I don’t think this is a dangerous decision. This is strong and lovely way to bring people close from different nations.”

Liverpool is all set to take on the Spain’s Real Madrid this weekend. Both the teams and fans are looking forward to this big game. The best team will win the Champions League Title but the Kyiv locals have already won hearts of the people due to their kind step to accommodate people.