Hillary Clinton is back with her speech at Yale Class Day


Hillary Clinton visited Yale Law School on May 20, 2018. She addressed the graduating students at Yale Law School at Sunday’s Class Day.  Hillary Clinton stretched behind the stand and dragged out a customary Russian hat. She held the hat high and said, “If you cannot beat them, join them”.

The Russian hat gag, a nod to the student tradition of wearing extravagant headgear during Class Day, set the tone for a wide-ranging speech in which Clinton alternately made jokes about her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election and warned Yale’s Class of 2018 that “we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy.”

Hillary Clinton talks about Trump

Clinton never pointed out Trump’s name during her speech but she said, “There are sure things which are so important that they must surpass politics.” She even added, “Conducting a battle on the law, a free media, diminish the legitimacy elections, committing shameless bribery, and refusing that leaders must serve public.”

Clintons talk over the 2016 election defeat

Hillary accepted the fact that she remembers her loss by Trump in elections: “I am not over my defeat. I still sometimes think of the election 2016. I feel guilt over the mistake that I did. In my opinion, understanding and remembering such a horrible election in the history of American elections will aid us protect democracy.” She also said, “As a normal person, I am OK today. But as an American national, I am not.”

Clinton words on mass shooting in Texas

The Ex First Lady stated: “lawmaking should be done for public-sense gun protection as soon as possible” as she talked about the shooting at High School in Texas. She said, “We don’t need to face gun attack or mass shooting to know that when a girl who survived school attack wrote, ‘I always knew someday it has to occur here too’. Clinton added, “We are weakening our kids.”

Hillary cracks joke about herself when she was at Yale

Hillary graduated in 1973 from Yale Law School, made some gags too. She shared with students that she auditioned to be a part of Yale’s known Whiffenpoofs vocal club, she said that she had hidden the recordings so deep that no one will be able to find them, not even Wikileaks. She joked, “You should find my singing recordings, if you ever thought that my e-mails were disgraceful.”

Class Day at Yale School is celebrated one day before certificates are given out to the students. Class Day includes giving academic awards, sports prizes and artistic awards. It also included the important address of commencing weekend. It also has such customs as planting ivy plant, giving prize to topper in academic and sports awards to the winners, and singing a famous Yale’s song while holding white handkerchiefs. She praised all of the students in the school, saying, “Even the 3 of you who live in Michigan and did not request your absentee votes in time.”