Yanny or Laurel? what do you think it sounds like


There is a war going out on internet, whether it’s Yanny or Laurel. The audio clip is an auditory magic that became famous this May 2018 amongst people. 53% people out of a half million voted that they heard a man saying, “Laurel”, while 47% people voted that they heard “Yanny” on a twitter poll.


The famous audio clip was posted on a website called, vocabulary.com, under the word “Laurel”. Some newspapers have found the audio back to famous site, Reddit, where a user posted it. The audio was then posted on twitter by a famous youtuber, Cloe Feldman; he has more than 6 lac subscribers. Like any other meme, this one also became due to teenagers. On May 11, a freshman in Georgia was preparing for her literature class and “Laurel” was one of the worlds she was studying. She searched the word on vocabulary.com and heard “Yanny” instead of the word she searched for.

How Audio Became Viral?

The girl who found the audio clip, asked her friends to hear it, everyone agreed that they heard mix things. She then posted the audio on Instagram and one of her senior, Castro, took the audio from there and posted on his social account making a poll. Roland Camry, friend of Castro, posted the audio on Reddit. Famous youtuber, Cloe Feldman, noticed the audio clip on Reddit and posted it on her Twitter account where she created a poll.

Who recorded the Audio?

The audio was recorded in late 2007 by an opera vocalist. As said by the co-owner of the vocabulary.com, when the site was made they hired people who had keen pronunciation and could speak words in print in the international phonetics. Opera singers mostly know how to pronounce words because they sing songs in languages other than their native language. Tinkler also said that they hired opera singers to record pronunciation of 200,000 words. He kept the identity of the singer a secret, because he found it weird to reveal it without permission. According to Tinkler, the same singer recorded 36 thousand words. He said it’s strange that people heard two different voices. According to the site, they recorded the pronunciations with the best microphones. He added, “Maybe this happened because the word wasn’t a part of any sentence”.


Famous personalities like Ellen, Christine Teigen, Stephen King and Norm Kelly posted on their social media accounts about this war going out there. Dylan Bennett posted on Twitter account that this war happened due to the different frequency levels people hear. If someone hears the word, Yanny, it might be because they can hear at high frequencies. But if someone hears the word, Laurel, it might be because they hear at low frequencies.

This auditory war has divided people into two tribes fighting over what they heard. Many polls have been made and many are still going on the internet. Those who heard Yanny and those who heard Laurel are going crazy over this confusion. We hope that it’s not how the world ends.