Historic Kim summit doubted by Trump


The tensions between different countries didn’t end even after the destructive events of World War II. World has gone through a lot of dreadful events in the past. Many a times, nations got indulged in long lasting wars resulting in catastrophic losses.

After the world war, a continuous cold war has affected the world in many a different ways. The world got divided under two platforms led by Soviet Union and United States. Countries, according to their own interests, chose to support any of the two platforms.

After getting separated from Japan, Koreans never agreed to gather on the same platform. South Koreans had serious reservations from the North Koreans and two parties never got into warm relationships. Both the parties have always tried to destabilize each other and have struggled to get as many supporters as possible. Two parties have stayed in an environment of cold war and hatefulness.

The world seems divided in the case of Koreans. Soviet Union and China have supported the stance of North Korea while South Koreans have got the support of United States and other allies. US armies have assisted the South Korean armies in order to keep the opposition armies away from the boundaries of Southern country. US armies have played decisive roles in the past and US didn’t lag in the brawl of both Korean parties too.

Chances of historic meeting to be cancelled:

US think tank doesn’t only support the South Korean stance but also has accused North Korea of working on nuclear programs. North Korea has faced many sanctions in the past. US armies have assisted the South Koreans to keep the forces of North Koreans away from the borders.

The world expected a release of tension when Trump announced a meeting to be held between him and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-Un, in Singapore. Experts claimed it as a step towards warm relations between the two parties. In a tweet, Trump announced the meeting saying, “The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th.We will both try to make it a very special meeting for the world peace!.” Kim Jong-Un was also very excited to meet the president of United States as the two countries cannot afford more tensions. North Korean government had ensured that it has no plans to continue the nuclear programs.

However, Donald Trump recently talked about the hyped meeting and has doubted that it may not happen. Donald Trump says that there are certain terms conditions which we want the North Korean government to fulfill and the meeting may not happen according to the scheduled time if the conditions are not met. Though the conditions have not been revealed, but it is sure that the US government is deeply concerned about them. Trump said, “You go into deals that are 100% certain – it doesn’t happen. You go into deals that have no chance and it happens and, sometimes, happens easily.”

Why is the meeting so much important???

          The upcoming meeting in Singapore was encouraged by almost all the concerned authorities. The meeting is really important as no sitting president of US has ever met the North Korean acting counterpart. The meeting was expected to minimize the tensions growing in the region and a cancellation or a delay might tense the things again. The meeting could have possibly ended the long lasting tensions between the North and South on the table. However, the meeting has not been cancelled yet and we hope that North Korea succeeds to meet the demands from the US government.